Easy Street Theater


What is Easy Street?

Easy Street Theater is a not-for-profit, 501c3 organization that seeks to provide opportunities for special needs individuals through Fine Arts. Easy Street Theater has performed 22 shows since 2006, bringing together community members of all ages to participate in the magic of theater.

An equally important part of the theater is the acting buddy who accompanies the actor from the first rehearsal to the final performance. The theater provides a much needed sense of community inclusion with the disabled and non-disabled. The actors and their buddies work as a team to bring the story to the audience.

Who can participate?

Actor: Easy Street Theater is a theater for actors with cognitive and/or physical disabilities. Disabilities include Down Syndrome, TBI, Asperger’s, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, etc. The few disorders that are not included in the Easy Street spectrum are ADD, ADHD, and BD. Each actor works as a team with a buddy who helps with stage directions and lines.

Buddy: Easy Street Theater looks for mature individuals who have the time and temperament to work with special needs individuals. Buddies assist the actors on stage during rehearsals and performances.

Crew: The theater welcomes community volunteers who want to help with the many tasks involved with a production.


The mission of Easy Street Theater is to provide social and artistic opportunities for all persons with cognitive and/or physical disabilities. Each activity is designed to explore and discover thecreative gifts of all individuals, young and old, who choose to participate as a learner, teacher, or administrator in this endeavor. The programs are intended to build personal growth and self-confidence in a nurturing and fun atmosphere.461542_353007778063932_1333225369_o